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Frequently asked Questions

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program, they build up profit from contributions of conventional Internet users. For use investor's deposit, HYIPs are paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans.

If you want to install the script in multiple domains means you can get multiple licenses from us. After that you may run the same script for multiple domains.

Template integration means - Integrating the PHP file with the HTML Template files

Yes, if you get a hyip script license with open source code means you can make changes by your wish.

You have to purchase the Domain name yourself to run your own website that's your website URL

No you cannot test our script in your local server. Our script can be tested only in online.

Yes, you can use our package without Web Technical Knowledge. We will give guarantee you to build any application using our products, because our products are using Full Template System which can make you use them easily, even for those who do not understand about the script at all.

Nope. Our script does not require any devoted server.

That is a hard question, especially since some of the programs go out of business very quickly. The internet period has resulted in an explosion of hyip. So many new hyip programs are being launched every day.

If you ever had an experience of signing into some hyip, the admin has your e-mail in database and he will be sending you such offers in the future regardless of your participation. This database can be resold or simply used by many people. It is a widespread tactics here.

You start another program at the same domain and you can use the script again. If you use any other domain then you want to order an additional license.

Yes, if you want to change the script functionalities further we can do it under customization.

Yes sure, you can see our script demo directly by submitting the details that gives in the demo page. You can see the member and admin area of our script PAM HYIP.

Template is a sample pre-defined design structure. It is a tool for impose a standard layout look and feel across multiple pages or within content regions.

The template is used by only one client and it cannot be applicable for more than one client. After purchasing unique template the template is marked as sold out.

You can view our templates in gallery. Gallery contains several designs of templates and all templates having their own ID .you will select the template by ID.

Absolutely yes, you can change the look or design of your website, add an animation, add banner and change the text/ sales letter with easily. You only need to edit the Html templates using your favorite Html editor. You can also translate into another language with easy way; you only need to translate the language files.

Yes, we are providing that facilities to admin, so you can change contact name, E-mail id, website name, logo, about us, terms & condition, etc...

There is no limitation of site, you can contribute as long we open the site then you can join as our referral.

We provide a test file to check server requirements in the package. You can also check the Server configuration by contacting your host provider.

Our PAM HYIP script supports payment processor gateways like Perfect money, Ego pay, Solid Trust Pay (STP), Bitcoin, etc... We also may add the additional payment processor gateways under customization.

Here are many electronic payment systems available in the Internet. Some of them are unidentified and some require partial identification. It is also possible through bank or other cards, if the admin will provide that. Frequently used payment systems for investing are Perfect Money, Ego Pay, Solid Trust Pay and Bitcoin.

Once your order is confirmed, we will send the script file through the email address you are provided to us within 2 hours.

Yes for registered clients, you will get discount up to (discount price %). For new clients we give discount only on special event like promotion period, special offer or on the occasion of special days. If in our website occurred "discount" writing, it means you have the right to get discount from certain product.

Make sure you have understood the product you want to buy in products page and then open order page. Choose the product which you want to buy, then complete the order form and do the payment. You can get the product which you order by email..

We log all activities in Client area. If you have downloaded or filled the license for your purchased product then the purchase cannot be cancelled and the money is not refundable.

You can directly make an order through our order page (order link). After confirmation of order clients get the template file via email.

You can order us a custom unique design and/or banner any time. Provide us your requirement - basic info about the design you want us to create. We will reply to you via email with the customization time and price.

Please, make a payment and provide the details of batch ID of the appropriate transaction to us.

The purchase of product is one-time fee, there is no hidden fee and we do not charge any annual fees.

After buying our script we provide the installation guide with the script by using that, you may install our script in to you server.

Yes, our team will install the script in your server for a nominal fee.

Nope. We are offering installation service for $35 USD only.

Yes, you can install the product on your own web server. We are not pushing you to use our server.

We sell software with licensed domain. You can use the main domain license to any sub domain in it. To install on the other domain you will need to buy additional license with discounted price.

Click forgot password link, type your username and e-mail and you'll receive your account information through the link.

Personally we use special software for creating and keeping complicated passwords. All passwords sent by project members after registration.

Yes, you can purchase our products now and update your registered domain name later.

No domain licenses are fixed cannot be changed for any reasons. So you must make sure that you already have the domain before filling the license for the product.

The minimum system requirements to run our HYIP script (PAM HYIP) PHP Version 5.2 or above MYSQL Version 5.2 or above etc...